Polish-german cases

Our law firm, in cooperation with the Berlin-based attorney Semir Al Lami,

offers legal assistance for cases involving both Polish law and German law.
In particular, our law firm provides assistance in cases involving:

Compensation for accidents in Germany

During your stay in the Federal Republic of Germany you may have been involved in an accident on the road or at work, which may have resulted in personal injury or loss of property. You would then generally have to seek compensation from a German insurance company or the party that caused the incident.

Family Law

Increasing contact between the two countries is also evident in the formation of relationships between Polish and German citizens. This can lead to a wide range of complications, in which lawyers with an insight into both legal systems can help to find the ideal solution. Though they are in many ways similar, the Polish and German legal systems differ from one another in terms of the protection afforded to the interests of individuals, the level of adjudged amounts and the speed of proceedings in individual cases.

In terms of family law, our law firm provides assistance in cases involving:

  • divorce
  • alimonies
  • child custody rights
  • child contact rights
  • Family asset cases, such as the equal division of increased assets after the cessation of statutory marital commonality

Transport Law

Our law firm offers assistance for companies providing road transport services as well as handling legal difficulties related to the carriage of passengers. We also provide legal assistance for forwarding agents that mediate transport in Polish and German territory.

Debt collection and enforcement in Germany

Our firm offers its services with regard to the recovery of assets from unreliable debtors. Debtors often rely on the fact that problems involved in overcoming the legal and language barriers can deter creditors from pursuing claims in Germany. For that same reason, it is often sufficient to seek assistance from a law firm operating in Germany. In the absence of voluntary payment, our firm offers its assistance in representing clients before German courts and court enforcement officers.

Labour Law

The German labour market has been open to Polish workers for some time. Whilst gaining access to legal employment in Germany, Polish citizens are also more frequently becoming parties to disputes regarding employment contracts.

In this respect, our law firm offers assistance in cases related to:

  • the conclusion of employment contracts, choosing the most advantageous forms of employment,
  • the termination of employment contracts, appeals against termination
  • the recovery of outstanding remuneration
  • accidents in the work place

Criminal Law

Our law firm, in cooperation with a German attorney, offers legal assistance in criminal cases, both in Germany and in Poland.

Amongst a broad range of criminal cases, in particular we deal with:

  • road offences (road accidents, driving whilst intoxicated or whilst under the influence of narcotics, etc.)
  • offences that threaten the life or health of others (assault and battery, causing damage to human health, abortion, endangerment of the life or health of others, etc.)
  • domestic and care offences (domestic violence, the physical or mental abuse of family members, persistent evasion of alimonies);
  • offences against the freedom of others (criminal threats, blackmail, stalking, etc.)
  • offences against the honour and bodily integrity of others (defamation, insult, violation of bodily integrity, etc.)
  • offences against the activity of state institutions (bribery, paid protection, etc.)
  • data protection offences (illegal obtention of information, destruction or damage of computer data, interference with computer systems, etc.);
  • document credibility offences (forgery, false documents, etc.)
  • property offences (theft, burglary, robbery, extortion, misappropriation, fraud, computer fraud, etc.)
  • economic offences (“white collar” offences, credit fraud, acts detrimental to creditors, offences relating to insolvency law, etc.)